Geranium Rose Hydrosol Organic (4 oz)

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Mother natured delivered! This organic geranium rose hydrosol (plant water) is too good not to bottle up and share! A sensorial treat, its delicate herbaceous, floral aroma will bring balance to your skin and senses. This batch is a customer favorite! WE ARE IN LOVE!⁠

Geranium rose is great for all skin types and brings the skin's pH into balance while regulating oily skin and calming sensitized skin. ⁠

A hydrosol is the condensation produced during the stream-distillation of plant material for aromatherapeutic purposes. Hydrosols are often the byproduct of essential oil steam distillation and are less concentrated but equally as healing for the skin and spirit. ⁠

We have a limited supply on the website now! Use during facials and retail to clients looking for a gentle toner to layer under face oils, serums and moisturizers. It's also a beautiful and therapeutic way to uplift the spirit and rehydrate the skin throughout the day!