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Our Story

Made for estheticians by estheticians

Who We Are

Some secrets are too sweet to keep to ourselves.

In 2013, Sweet & True Sugar Co. founder and certified cosmetics formulator Tami Blake introduced sugaring services at her Walnut Creek, CA spa using our signature formula that she fine-tuned over the years from a family recipe. Within months, 90% of her clientele had converted to sugaring—and they became fiercely loyal to our all-natural, professional grade formula for its gentle hair removal and smoother, longer-lasting finish.

We knew then we were on the verge of elevating the hair removal industry, not just for our clients, but for eco-conscious estheticians and practices who shared our passion for
green beauty.

Building a thriving business in a sustainable, earth-friendly fashion was just the beginning.

Sharing our award-winning formulations, techniques, and resources so other sugaring and waxing professionals could grow with us? That was a game changer.

A True Difference

Our products keep your clientele happy,
again and again.

That’s because clients want an alternative to aggressive hair removal techniques, irritated skin, and chemical-filled products. We stay true to our values so customers stay true to you, becoming lifelong fans.

We’re constantly raising the standard in our formulations and techniques by:

Creating the first nationally-recognized and accredited Sugaring Certificate program.

Education is key, so we provide in-person courses, webinars, and summits for professionals who want to elevate their practices.

Making our products in the USA and manufacturing in-house.

Our full-time chemists and estheticians drive research and product development, so we have complete control and visibility into what ingredients we use and where they’re sourced from.

Adapting updated greener packaging.

We use refill pouches made from 100% recycled plastic, recyclable aluminum “forever” bottles, and more, to seamlessly align with our clean, botanical formulations.

Practicing in more diverse and inclusive ways.

We test our award-winning formulations on various skin types, ethnicities, and ages.

We understand the esty life, so we bring our first-hand experience in the treatment room to every aspect of our products, from their formulation to their quick shipment.

We’re independently-owned and run by a team of industry pros who are dedicated full-time to helping you and your business thrive.
Reach us via phone, email, or DM, or join our Facebook community to connect waith other Sweet & True Sugaring Co. pros!
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