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Sugaring vs. Waxing: Which method is superior?

When I opened my sugaring spa, True Waxology & Skincare, in Walnut Creek, California, I knew we needed to set ourselves apart from the waxing competition. A trip to the Middle East and a little market research led me to learn all about sugaring. I was intrigued that a ball of paste made of sugar, water and lemon could provide smoother results and less irritation.  So nearly five years ago, I flew in Myra Aviles from The Upper Level Spa in San Diego to train my team. For the team, it was love at first flick. 

When we started offering sugaring services, our clients proved us right. The numbers don't lie; within months, 9 out of ten of our Brazilian wax clients had converted to sugaring. They loved the smoother results and helped to spread the word. Within two years we had a thriving sugaring business. With the right education, you too can have a lucrative sugaring practice filled with loyal clients.

I created this cool comparison chart to inspire you and hopefully allow you to decide for yourself whether investing in sugaring education is the right choice for you.  I encourage you to get sugared by a seasoned professional and experience the sweet results for yourself.  You'll be glad you did!


Sweet & True Sugaring Co. formulates & manufactures sugaring paste and hair removal back bar products for sugaring professionals. We also provide sugaring education in California.  Visit our website to learn more.

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