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About Sugaring

What is sugaring?

Body Sugaring is an all natural, much less abrasive form of hair removal containing only sugar, lemon and water. The treatment is performed using a ball of this paste that looks like thick honey. The paste is applied by hand and molded into the hair follicle. With a quick flick of the wrist, the paste & hair are removed in the same direction of growth making it less irritating, smoother and longer lasting than traditional waxing with much less discomfort. Clients will still feel a slight sting from the root of the hair being removed from the tiny pore but there will not be that lasting burning sensation experienced when using a resins based wax that grabs live skin. 

Where did Sugaring come from?

The earliest references to hair removal came from the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. Hair on the body was considered to be unclean by the upper class. Possibly through a fortuitous accident, the method of using Sugar for hair removal treatments was developed.

    What is the benefit of becoming a Certified Professional Sugaring Practitioner?

    • Less waste
    • Less mess
    • Less expense professionally
    • More profit (sugaring cost less to perform due to supplies & you generally charge 2-20$ more per service, depending on the body part)
    • More happy loyal clients
    • More desirable by an employer or client

    What are the benefits of Body Sugaring?

    • 100% Natural
    • No Chemicals or Resins
    • No Sticks or Strips. No Chemical Solvents
    • 100% Sanitary-No Double Dipping  (side note:STD’s can be passed through wax pots)
    • No Ingrowns. No irritation
    • Never hot so it will never burn the skin
    • No Lifting - Sugaring only adheres to dead skin and hair
    • Longer Lasting, Smoother Results
    • Ideal for the most sensitive skin and areas of the body
    • There is a lot of competition in our industry. In order to set yourself apart from everyone else, build your clientele and prosper, you must provide the latest, greatest, cutting edge treatments available. This skill, when perfected and performed efficiently, will provide that for you. Sugaring is now becoming the industry standard for hair removal and provides far superior results compared to any other method of epilation. It helps foster a fiercely loyal clientele! Clients and employers alike, will value you having this knowledge.

    Sugaring Certification 

    How do I become certified to provide sugaring services?

    You’re in luck! Sweet & True Sugaring Co. provides beginning and advanced sugaring certification courses. Check out our Education Page for a list of approved educators and classes.

    Once you become certified we will continue to help you succeed in building a successful sugaring practice by sharing the knowledge and tips that have made us recognized experts. We do so through webinars, videos, newsletters and in­-person classes on marketing, business management, service enhancements and knowledge about natural and holistic skincare.

    Who can attend sugaring certification classes?

    Licensed estheticians and cosmetologists can get certified. Students are welcome upon showing proof that they are enrolled in an esthetics or cosmetology program.

    Do you provide starter kits with your certification classes?

    Yes! So glad you asked. We offer various levels to help you get started quickly and efficiently. Visit our Back Bar page for more information. 


    What is your class cancellation policy? 

    When you register, we reserve a spot for you in class and share proprietary info and training videos with you to prepare for class. Due to this, there are NO REFUNDS. Out of consideration for other students who want to register, and our sweet team's time, reschedules must be made 3 weeks prior to your class date in order for you to retain a full credit. If you need to make a change after the three week period, you can apply your tuition amount minus 20% to a future class. Three weeks notice gives sufficient time for another student to register, grow out their hair & find models. Thank you for your understanding. 

    How long does it take to learn how to sugar?

    Everyone learns at different speeds. The most important approach is to practice, practice, practice immediately after your certification class so that you don’t forget all the important tips and tricks. Our instructors are here to provide the support you need after the certification class to ensure your growth and development. If you’re feeling motivated, sugaring techniques can be picked up in as quickly as a few weeks!


    Where are your products manufactured?

    From concept to implementation, all of our products are created by Sweet & True staff at our Concord, CA facilities. Creating incredible skincare is our passion, and we love every part of the process! That is why none of our formulas or production processes are outsourced.

    Our proprietary sugaring paste is manufactured in our Concord lab under the strict quality control and FDA standards for manufacturing practices. This ensures that each and every batch lives up to our professional standards and qualifications.

    Do I need to be certified with Sweet & True Sugaring Co. in order to purchase your products?

    No, you do not need to be certified to sugar. Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal that has been passed down through many generations informally. However, the techniques used in professional spa environments have been fine tuned and modernized for professionals to be able to provide services on par with waxing that are quick, safe and efficient. It's almost impossible to grow a successful sugaring practice without getting basic and advanced training. 

    We understand that many sugarists were trained on the job at spas that sugar. We may reach out to get more information about your background in sugaring. We ask that you provide your esthetics or cosmetology license. If you’re a student, we ask that you provide proof that you are enrolled in an esthetics or cosmetology program. We encourage all estheticians to seek training by a seasoned sugaring professional to learn the techniques needed to sugar safely, efficiently and comfortably. We have a list of approved educators who offer both online and in person classes. If a class is not listed in your area, we are more than happy to travel to your location for training. We also offer our own online training tutorials free of charge for our customers. Email adam@sweetandtruesugaring for more info. 

    What is your ingredient philosophy?

    We are total plant geeks. We believe that creating 100% natural, organic skincare is equal parts science, intuition and creativity. Our layered formulating and extraction technique makes the botanical actives even more effective, for the best possible results. Keeping our formulas simple and plant based allows a higher concentration of active botanical ingredients to work with skin, rather than against it.

    We partner with leading chemists, herbalists and aromatherapists to use ethically­sourced botanicals and gentle active ingredients. The result is gentle, but powerful skincare containing clean ingredients that are scientifically­ proven to balance the skin.

    The Sweet & True Collection is formulated without parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, denatured alcohol, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, or toxic chemicals of any kind.

    We use organic plants, cold pressed oils, distillates and food grade preservation systems whenever possible. Each botanical ingredient is selected with intention and purpose to best serve your clients’ skin and overall health.

    Are your products cruelty­ free?

    100%. We do not test on animals. We firmly believe in the safety of our formulas and thoroughly test our products on ourselves before conducting rigorous clinical testing.

    Are your products organic?

    At this time we are not certified organic, but we work diligently to source organic ingredients whenever possible. If an ingredient is organic it is identified by an asterisk in the ingredient deck.


    How do you accept payment?

    We accept payments via PayPal, MasterCard, VISA or American Express. 

    What are your shipping policies?

    Orders ship within three business days via UPS or USPS from Concord, CA to addresses throughout the United States.  DUE TO COVID-19, USPS PRIORITY MAIL HAS BEEN EXTENDED BY 3-4 DAYS AND UPS HAS LIFTED SERVICE GUARANTEES. If you want us to expedite your order, please include your request in the order notes, email care@sweetandtruesugaring.com or select the appropriate shipping method at check out. Orders can be picked up locally from our Concord, CA location, you will be notified when your order is ready.

    Free shipping is available in the continental United States for orders of $550 or more.

    Can I make returns?

    We stand by our product quality, and want you to receive only the best. Defective products may be returned or replaced within 10 days of delivery. We will issue a refund minus a 10% restocking fee and shipping charges.