When I began using the signature Sweet & True Sugaring formula at our skin spa in Walnut Creek, California, the results were astounding. Within months of introducing sugaring services, 90% of our hair removal clientele converted.

This confirmed what I had suspected earlier, upon discovering sugaring: clients want an alternative to aggressive hair removal techniques, irritated skin and toxic chemical ­filled products. And when they find that alternative, they will become lifelong fans.

I’m Tami Blake founder of True Sugaring & Skincare, Free + True Skincare and Sweet & True Sugaring Co. I am a green beauty enthusiast, licensed esthetician and certified cosmetics formulator.

My interest in sugaring hair removal began during a visit to the Middle East, where it is a widespread and ancient practice. I was in awe that a paste of sugar, water and lemon could provide gentle and long­-term benefits that were far superior to wax.

Knowing in my heart that this technique would be embraced in the United States, I began experimenting with my family’s recipe. I was determined to develop an all ­natural, professional grade formula I could introduce to clientele at my skin spa.

Today, 9 out of ten of our clients continue to choose sugaring over any other hair removal process. While the simple, food­ grade ingredients are absolutely essential to the formula’s success, the tangible results also speak for themselves: a smoother finish, slow grow back and fewer uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Because sugaring is still a rare service in the States, it helps foster a fiercely loyal clientele!

In addition, our back bar and retail collections are filled with delicious global faire and organic botanicals that restore and delight the skin, body and senses.

Sugaring with Sweet & True products means a rare and wonderful service experience for your clients, and higher profit margins for your business.

That is what we call a major game changer.

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I cannot wait to see your stunning results from bringing sugaring to your spa! You are on the brink of something big. Can you feel it?

Cheers to sweet success,

Tami Blake