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Blue Tansy - Hydrate & Soothe (3.5oz. Backbar)

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The Bikini, Body and Beard Balm of your dreams! 

Embrace the serene touch of our latest creation, the Blue Tansy Soothe & Heal Balm is a new member in our cherished balm collection. With a limited availability, this formula is your go-to sanctuary for skin seeking tranquility and nourishment. The invigorating blend of frankincense and jasmine envelops your senses, lifting your spirit, while the soothing essence of blue tansy oil, with its calm blue shade, enhances the aromatic and skin healing experience.

We used camellia (tea) seed oil in this blend, known for its astringent and moisturizing benefits, making it a versatile skin treasure. This balm is a haven for the whole body, right down to your toes, and is especially gentle on sensitive areas post- bikini sugaring or waxing.. Its emollient texture also makes it an excellent choice as a body and beard balm, offering a soothing touch wherever applied.


  • Blue Tansy Oil: Known for its skin soothing properties and enchanting blue hue
  • Camellia Oil: A light oil that is astringent, antioxidant rich and deeply moisturizing
  • Frankincense: Repairs and soothes damaged skin, good for sunburn, rosacea or breakouts
  • Jasmine Oil: Antibacterial and antiviral properties, which helps prevent and repair skin wounds; calming effect on the psyche. 
Blue Tansy - Hydrate & Soothe (3.5oz. Backbar)
Blue Tansy - Hydrate & Soothe (3.5oz. Backbar)