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NEW! High Frequency Therapy Wand

Our high-frequency wand is a powerful tool that enhances the results of your brazacial (vajacial), face sugaring, and facial treatments. By incorporating it into your Sweet & True brazacial treatment protocol, you can experience even better results. Additionally, it can help reduce bumps and breakouts after face sugaring and extractions.

Our wand uses argon and violet gas, which is perfect for those with acne-prone skin. The gas safely kills acne-causing bacteria, preventing future breakouts. Not only that, but it also has anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties.

Equipped with four treatment probes, the high-frequency wand can be used with either the direct or indirect method, allowing for a customizable treatment experience.
  • Argon violet gas (optimal for acne prone skin)
  • Four treatment probes
  • Direct or indirect method 

Watch this tutorial courtesy of Michele Phelan from Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics View and sign up for her corrective esthetics classes offered online and in person.