Sugaring Back Bar

Black - Vinyl Sugaring/ Wax Pad

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Protect your treatment table from sugaring paste and wax residue with this easy to clean sugaring/wax pad. Not more table paper or towels to launder, simply sanitize in between clients. Sugaring/wax pads are the most eco-friendly and attractive option for your treatment room. Your pad comes with a complimentary SMA mat in the same color ($15 value). Handmade in California. 

Color: Black       
Size: 78" x 36"

More info:

  • Protects your treatment table from wax and or sugaring paste
  • Fits most standard size facial and massage tables 78" X 36".  
  • Machine washable. Launder with cold water and hang to dry. 
  • Disinfect between clients with alcohol
  • Use oil to remove wax residue