Free + True Golden Glow Dermaroller

The Free + True Golden Glow Dermaroller is a gentle microneedle treatment tool designed to create micro punctures in the skin that stimulate blood circulation and activate collagen production to achieve radiant, plump, smooth skin while allowing for deeper product absorption. 

The increased blood circulation and collagen production due to the microneedle technology reduces scarring and pigmentation and carries more nutrients, oxygen, and water to the skin, immediately plumping and softening fine lines over time. It’s a cheat code to enhance your skincare routine and achieve a clear and glowing complexion.

Crafted with 250 stainless steel, titanium-plated needles that are 0.25mm long and 24K gold plated, the Golden Glow Dermaroller is an easy and effective skin treatment. 

How to use:

The Golden Glow Dermaroller is easy to use and comes with clear directions. After thoroughly cleansing your skin, apply a peptide or hydrating serum like Ramblin Rose and gently roll the tool 2-3 times over each section, using light-medium pressure to avoid discomfort (avoid using retinol or AHAs with the derma roller initially). Be sure to roll horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, but avoid thinner skin closer to the eyes, lips, and eyelids. Use once weekly until skin accumulates, then increase use to 2-3 times weekly. After rolling, follow up with a gentle face oil or moisturizer. 

For the best results, avoid rolling over acne, active breakouts, or inflamed skin. Always sanitize the tool after each use with isopropyl alcohol, then rinse it with warm water and store it in the provided plastic stand. This tool should not be shared and should be replaced every 12-18 months.

With regular use, the Free + True Golden Glow Dermaroller will take your skincare routine to the highest level to help you get the most out of your products and achieve brighter, tighter, and more vibrant skin.