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Introducing Snatched Brazilian Treatment Mask & the Sweet & True Brazacial Protocol

Say Hi to Snatched!

The perfect exfoliating Brazacial (vajacial) mask to smooth, brighten, and purify problematic skin.

Snatched Brazilian Treatment Mask is the perfect formula to combat hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, and dry, irritated skin to keep private areas smooth and supple for days. It’s rich with exfoliants, hydrators, and detoxifying properties that rejuvenate the bikini area following a Brazilian sugar or wax. Available for purchase for $38.


Download the Sweet & True brazacial protocol. 

Purchase your Snatched Brazilian Treatment Mask here!

We made Snatched brazacials (vajacials) easy and affordable!

Sweet & True Snatched Treatment Kits are an affordable and quick way to offer your customers a quality and results-driven brazacial (vajacial) experience! Save $14 when you purchase a discounted Snatched Treatment Kit that includes our Snatched Brazilian Treatment Mask, Oceana pH Friendly Body Wash, Botanical Water, Micellar Cleansing Water, Skin Soothing Serum, and two Hydrate & Heal Balms! Available to purchase for $160, you’ll receive all the products needed to provide a Sweet and True certified brazacial service.

Snatched Brazacial Mask Protocol Video

Download a PDF copy of the Sweet & True Snatched Treatment Protocol Here!                                                                                                              What is a Brazacial?"

A Brazacial, our gender inclusive term for "Vajacial," is like a facial for the bikini/Brazilian area. It helps to purify, hydrate, and brighten problematic skin. Brazacials are an effective way to treat ingrown hairs, bumpy and acne-prone skin, fade and prevent hyperpigmentation, soothe irritated skin, and increase moisture levels in the pubic region. 

Brazacial treatments are for the skin area only and are never to be inserted internally. Brazacial treatments are for all genders, whether your client sugars, waxes, or shaves. 

How long does a Brazacial take? 

Treatments take anywhere from 20-45 minutes start to finish. Some estheticians spend more time on extractions and incorporate technical tools and some offer a quick steam, exfoliation, and finishing products. Please watch our Snatched Brazacial Treatment protocol video for a 7-step tutorial on how to give a Sweet & True Snatched treatment.  

How much can you charge for a Brazacial (vajacial)?

We recommend you charge $45 minimum for a solo treatment to attract the highest number of customers. However, prices can vary depending on your geographic location and time spent on brazacial treatments. We have seen services priced at $45-$125 for a solo treatment. Your offerings can be as simple as steaming and using our Snatched Brazilian Treatment Mask, or our 7-step Snatched Brazacial Treatment Protocol.

Who needs a Brazacial (vajacial)?

Sometimes new clients come in with severe ingrown hairs and scarring after shaving or seeing another waxing professional. Ingrown hairs generally improve with proper sugaring and waxing technique along with daily at home care (exfoliating & moisturizing). A Brazacial is needed to brighten scaring, remove deep seated ingrowns, and smooth out rough patchy skin. After the treatment, it is critical that you sell your clients a home care routine in order to maintain their results. 

What makes the Sweet & True Snatch Brazacial Treatment Different

Our Snatched Brazacial Treatment Protocol is designed to be a quick and efficient add-on service that can be done in 20-45 minutes with minimal investment by applying most of Sweet & True products that you already use during your daily services.  

Can a Brazacial be done after a Brazilian sugar/wax? 

It depends on the condition of your client's skin and how many steps your Brazacial service is. Are you adding a quick steam and exfoliating mask followed by serums and balm? Do you plan to add in extractions and high-frequency? Some people offer treatments as a quick add-on after getting sugared. Others book them as a stand-alone service 1-2 weeks after their client's Brazilian sugar/wax appointment. If you use hard or strip wax for your Brazilians, please note the resilience of your client’s skin before doing a Brazacial treatment immediately after getting waxed. Sugaring tends to be more gentle on the skin cells.