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Sugaring Success Program



Our goal was to offer tools to support you after class and keep you motivated. In order to achieve this, we developed the Sweet & True Sugaring Success ProgramIn addition to hands on instruction, you'll receive an exclusive membership to our Sugaring Success Program.  

This includes the following benefits:

Complimentary Class Drop-Ins:
Be a guest in any our foundational courses hosted by your Sweet & True educator for up to a year after getting certified. Troubleshoot any areas of concern to perfect your technique. Online students can drop in at a discounted rate. 
Online Sugaring Tutorials:
Access our exclusive library of professionally edited body and Brazilian sugaring tutorials to support you while you practice. Review any area of the body in the comfort of your own treatment room.
Customer Appreciation Events:
Customer appreciation events will be hosted both online and in-person. Here you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions, get product knowledge, troubleshoot technique and receive hands on support from a Sweet & True Educator. These events will be offered free of charge. 
24/7 Support:
Are you in a “sticky situation?” Text your educator, drop us a line, email or join the Sweet & True Elite Sugarists Facebook Group.
To learn more about our educational opportunities visit our sugaring education page or register online.  Call (925) 464-1002 or email to learn more.