All Natural Exfoliating Hemp Mitt

Suggested Retail: $9-$12

Enhance your bathing routine with our botanical hemp exfoliator mitt. Scrub away your dead skin cells, unclog your pores, and stimulate blood circulation for hydrated, softer skin. Our double-sided linen textured exfoliating hemp mitt prepares your skin for deeper moisture absorption. This is a great home care exfoliating alternative for bikini, leg and arm sugaring/waxing clients. 


  • Made with organic cotton, hemp, and linen
  • 100% natural plant fibers 
  • Helps to stimulate blood circulation and visibly awaken the skin barrier
  • 8.5” x 4.75”


Use with our Oceana PH Balanced Body Wash or your choice of body cleanser to wash and gently exfoliate the skin. Use daily or 1-2 times a week for sensitive skin types. 


Wet with warm water and apply body wash or rub into a moistened bar of soap. Gently scrub all over body and neck in a circular motion. 


Rinse and hang to air dry. Wash regularly with your laundry on a gentle cycle and hang to dry.