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Make Me Whole - Superfood Protein Powder

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100% Plant-powered.

A blend of protein-packed, fresh water vegetable plankton boasts a full spectrum of bioavailable nutrients, compounds, essential fatty acids, and amino acids to support optimal cellular function. Goji berry, acai, and camu camu superfruits, loaded with Vitamin C, support collagen synthesis and boost immune function. Blended together in powder form, this protein-packed complex will boost energy levels, restore skin radiance, and make you whole again.

Net weight: 6 oz.


Chlorella, Spirulina, Goji Berry*, Acai*, Cacao*, Camu Camu*, Moringa*, Carob*

*Certified Organic

Daily Routine

Every morning, blend 1 spoonful in your choice of milk or smoothie, or stir into yogurt or kefir. Blend, sip, replenish.

Make Me Whole - Superfood Protein Powder
Make Me Whole - Superfood Protein Powder